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Leggings: IN or OUT?


I have been
a big fan of leggings for over two years, but I am over it already!

Every woman,
from career professionals to three-year-olds, are wearing them.  Like Madonna and Audrey Hepburn, I want to set trends that work for me, not just follow the
pack. Some women in Chicago (and in advertisements) are coming up with some novel
alternatives to leggings. And yes, I still prefer to go barelegged or wear
fishnets–unless it is below zero in Chicago! 

How do you feel about this trend?


IN or OUT?


Have a look at the gallery and leave me a comment with your thoughts about leggings.  What do YOU think?  Are Leggings IN or OUT?!

Weird and fun stuff from all over:

Tracy Samantha Schmidt

I wore leggings to a party today and my friends said they hadn’t seen them anywhere since the early 90s. I dont know how that is since leggings are everywhere now!
I adore them for their versatility and comfort. It will be sad to see them go as a trend but I imagine that is imminent. My question for you, Barbara, is what comes next?


Very few women (those with thin frames) pull off leggings and “jeggings” (jeans + leggings). I could rock the leather style, but it’s simply too cold to wear leggings alone right now!

Barbara Glass

Well the good news for spring is a version of leggings are still around. But, like most trends, they have been edited for a new look. At Nina Ricci they are showing leggings that look like sheer lingerie for your legs. They almost have a 20′s inspiration (when women wore bloomers under bathing suits.) Look for a preview of the Spring 2010 Trends with our guest blogger for the entire month, Chicago womenswear designer, Christina Fan…
Thanks for following!

Barbara Glass

Happy to learn that I am not alone with my decision to keep warm in the winter without giving up looking stylish.
I love wearing layers to keep me warm, but unfortunately leggings don’t work for me either in this frigid cold.
Thanks for your comments…
Happy 2010!