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Rag & Bone at Intermix: A Word from the Designers

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always such a treat to meet the designers behind the names. Marcus
Wainwright and David Neville, the geniuses who create the edgy yet refined looks of Rag & Bone, are definitely two cool guys with
great style sensibilities. I interviewed them last week at the party at the Gold Coast Intermix and learned a little about their ideas and inspiration. As is evident from their looks on the runway, they told me they like the idea of pairing mismatched pieces and putting together unlikely combinations to fashion a signature style. I couldn’t agree more as I mentioned I
have always believed “perfect is perfectly boring”!

I had a chance to speak with Marcus, who I stole away from the crowd and the champagne for a few minutes! Check out what he had to say about his designs.

Q: Rag & Bone is an interesting name for a clothing line, how did you choose it for your brand?
A: It really fits with the aesthetic of the brand. It reflects the feeling of dilapidated luxury, a tailored look that’s also a little disheveled.

Q: I know that Rag & Bone came about from the desire to create the perfect pair of jeans. What do you think that is?
A: It’s a lot about the denim, how the denim is made. They also need to show genuine care and craftsmanship while also using the highest quality fabric. This all leads to comfort, which is the most important thing.

Q: What would you say you notice about the celebrities who wear your clothing?
A: I think they choose Rag & Bone because the designs aren’t ostentatious and they don’t shout glamour or glitz, so the people who wear them are also somewhat subtle and understated in their style.

Q: Lastly, what could you tell me that is surprising?
A (from David): Marcus is a great photographer on the side of designing.
A (from Marcus): David eats the same thing every day for lunch!

It was great to learn these tidbits about the brand as well as the quirky habits of this amazingly talented duo. Check out the slideshow below for the looks that the buyers of Intermix selected from the Rag & Bone Fall/Winter 2010 collection for the store!


David and Marcus are such down to earth guys and it is truly reflected in their designs.